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As a proud Royal Warrant holder, our client, Manhattan Furniture has been invited to exhibit at The Coronation Festival at Buckingham Palace, between 11th-14th July. 30,000 people including royals, press and the public will be attending this prestigious event and it it a fantastic opportunity for Manhattan to showcase its latest kitchen specification.

Vicky Vaughan is co-ordinating the Coronation Festival event for Manhattan Furniture and the project includes stand design which incorporates the new Planet2050 kitchen design, corporate hospitality for 200 guests, staffing rotas/hotels for stand/kitchen installation and exhibitor staff, security and logistics, marketing communications, PR, copywriting and stand graphics.

Manhattan Furniture will be accompanied by over 200 Royal Warrant holders and its stand is in the Homes and Gardens section which is one of four sections. The other sections are Food and Drink, Design and Technology and Style, Pursuits and Pastimes.

In the evening there is a fantastic show with a line-up including Catherine Jenkins, Katie Melua, Russell Watson, The Feeling, Royal Ballet and the National Youth Orchestra.  Tickets have all sold out now, but if you were lucky enough to grab some, please do come to the Manhattan Furniture stand and say ‘hello’ ….

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