Whilst hob-knobbing at the Microbiz networking event in Worthing two weeks ago (as you do), I found myself talking to someone about our new online image library Trigger Snappy, which, if you didn’t know it yet, offers amateur photographers the chance to sell their images online. I was explaining that the site aims to provide extraordinary images of ordinary towns and sights, which are often missing in larger image libraries – Try doing a search for ‘Worthing’ in iStock, you’ll know what I mean! The few images you do get have been over-used already and almost all of them focus on the beach.

This particular person told me he was in constant need of images of cars, and this triggered an AHA!-moment in me when I came up with the following: Why not provide a section on the site where users can specify images they are looking for, thus providing amateur photographers with different challenges. The result? A selection of images to your specifications, at a fly price. It’s good for everyone, because it increases the chance of a photographer’s work being used, provides a more personalised service to the designer and creates more traffic on our site. Any thoughts? We are quite excited about this and would love to know if you would want to use it?


Here’s my own image of a ‘local sight’, taken on my cycle home after work one day between Lancing and Shoreham. This was during the ‘Weather From Hell’ period we all had to endure a few months back!