Quality Services Hygiene Supplies came to The Brand Surgery after they saw our email campaign about our ‘Website Refresher’ service which we were offering at a reduced rate throughout December and January. They came to us with a website, which despite performing excellently in search engine rankings, wasn’t converting as many visits to sales as they wanted.

The Brand Surgery analysed the website, and despite the obvious outdated design, there were several other key areas we highlighted to Quality Services for improvement, which were unanimously agreed upon and our website design and development team got to work on a brand new look and feel for the website.

First off, The Brand Surgery tidied up the navigational system, which was set into two separate nav bars, providing a confusing and untidy user experience for any visitors to the website. This was altered to provide a consistent set of navigational links at the top of every page.

The main banner across the top of the website was holding the design of the website back, so after a few tweaks of the Quality Services logo, a fresher logo was produced which in place provided a cleaner, more attractive banner to greet all website visitors.

Quality Services Old Logo

Quality Services New Logo

Old Logo New Logo

After introducing some rounded corners and complementary colours to the left-hand column and ensuring that the same left & right-hand columns appear on most pages, the website looked completely transformed. The Brand Surgery design team then added a faded background colour and a simple animated image on the home page to complete the look and the Quality Services website looked brand new.

From a more practical view, the ‘Powered by RBS WorldPay’ image and the images of accepted cards were moved towards the top of the website, to install an air of security and safety with the visitor/customer as we felt that perhaps conversion rates were low due to people not trusting the website.

You can view the website by clicking here and take a look at a side-by-side comparison below of the websites before and after The Brand Surgery undertook our ‘website refresher’ work (click the image to see an enlarged version):

Quality Services - Comparison

Quality services said: “We asked The Brand Surgery to undertake their ‘Website Refresher‘ service on our website and the transformation in design of our website is incredible, you can barely recognise it.  It’s like having a brand new website. The Brand Surgery has been helpful and professional throughout the process and we will be using them for any further web related work we need completing in the future. Our website was ranking high in Google searches, but performing low when it came to converting visitors to sales. The Brand Surgery gave us practical advice and suggestions about the importance of emphasising the security and legitimacy of the website, and also ensuring that the website functioned as customers expected.”

If you feel that your website needs some work to it to release it’s full potential, but don’t want to invest in a brand new website, then get in touch with The Brand Surgery by calling us on 01903 824229 or by using our online contact form. Alternatively, if you think you could benefit from a brand new website, then get in touch as well, just check out our web design portfolio to see some examples of our work.