The Brand Surgery rebrand

The Brand Surgery® - the next stage

Due to diversification of our services, we have been busy rebranding The Brand Surgery® and we are pleased to announce the launch of our new logo and website. Our new-look reflects our carbon neutral and chartered marketer success alongside our twenty combined years of creative and marketing expertise.

This brand management project was a challenge as our clients advised us that they loved us as we were: they didn’t want us to change too much. Also, our logo design and corporate identity expertise is responsible for our success so it was important that our rebrand reflected our continued expertise in business marketing expertise.

Why did we diversify?

We were victims of our own success and our logo designs generally look fresh for many years! For example, Casa Ciro and Worthing Town Centre Initiative logos are still looking fresh eight years later! Therefore, we needed to diversify to meet the needs of our customers on a daily basis. This is why Vicky Vaughan, the Managing Director, studied for years to pass a degree level marketing qualification, a Professional Diploma in Marketing. She is now a Chartered Marketer which means she is continually assessed, meaning that The Brand Surgery’s customers’ benefit from much more than creative design; they are also privy to the latest marketing news in their industry: Vicky has been described as an information sponge!

We feel confident that our rebrand will appeal to our loyal customers and to prospective customers: those who may require refreshed corporate identity, a simple business card designed, to a business marketing plan, or maybe implementation of a a performance measurement standard to improve sales.

Logo design and psychology

Good logo designs must be versatile enough to work in all sizes and formats – from a couple of millimetres to tens of metres. They must look attractive on promotional products (pens and USB sticks) and work on large scale exhibition graphics. For this reason we created two versions of our logo: one as above, where our services can be displayed at a size which is easy to read which will be used for exhibition graphics, brochures and our website. The logo for smaller mediums, eg. press advertising and promotional merchandise is below.

Logo design Sussex

This logo to be used on smaller mediums such as our business card design, promotional products and press advertising

Shape psychology

We have used an asterisk shape for our rebrand: in Latin and in Greek it means “little star”. An asterisk is also used to note important facts and thoughts, and is also used in IT. We have evolved our asterisk –  the original asterisk had seven arms, the modern version has five arms and our asterisk has six arms which represent our services. The asterisk looks like a flower shape when enlarged, and the shapes complement each other well. You will also see other shapes evolving from our logo across the website – such as on our core values.

Colour psychology

The Brand Surgery® is known for it’s use of the colour pink. We originally chose pink which was made up of 100% magenta and is easy to print. Pink was also fashionable and also had an interesting colour psychology.

One of the objectives of our rebrand was to ‘grow up’ and become more ‘corporate’. Our existing clients liked our  ‘sassy’ image and use of the colour pink. However, we also wanted to appeal to corporate companies, so we chose a complementary colour palette which would appeal to males as well as females.

Our new colours represent our extended services: Creative design, Brand management, Online marketing, Website design, Tactical and Strategic Business marketing.

We hope you agree that we are much more than ‘just another’ design agency in Sussex. Vicky and her team are qualified and experienced to grow your business – see how we have helped our clients to grow by reading our clients’ testimonials. Whether you require brochure design, website design or you need to understand your core values and perhaps promote them, call us on 01903 824229 today for a confidential chat. Take a look at our new website and please give us your honest feedback on the survey that pops up.