Over the past month or so, we’ve met many B2B businesses who wonder what the relevance of Facebook is for their business, especially if they don’t have clients on Facebook.

B2B Facebook Facts

According to Social Examiner Industry Report 2019, 48% of marketers use Facebook for B2B marketing vs only 30% on LinkedIn. Facebook has lost some of its share to Instagram however, as Instagram is owned by and Facebook actively encourages marketers to boost their Facebook ads on Instagram, this not surprising. Why do so many marketers prefer Facebook for B2B? We share our thoughts below …

Laser-focused targeted marketing

Facebook has data on everything and you can use this to your advantage. Through Facebook Insights, you can find out which Facebook pages and websites your clients and potential clients visit. Then you can target campaigns to lookalike audiences. To check out Facebook Insights for yourself, set up a free Facebook business accountand have a look around Audience Insights. You will be amazed. You can target by location, language, age, relationship status, education, study, schools, employer, job titles, industries, income, home ownership, ethnicity, life events, generation, parental status, marital status, interests, hobbies, entertainment, preferences, favourite foods, charitable donations, competitors pages read, books read and more. Remember that  B2B is H2H (Human to Human) so even if you think your clients aren’t personally using Facebook, you can bet members of their team are.


Improved search engine rankings

A stunning website is not enough on its own. It needs to be found on search engines like Google or Bing, therefore you need to direct people there through website marketing including Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Higher Google positions can be achieved if your website is seen to have credibility and be authoritative aka Domain Authority (DA). You can improve your website’s DA by engaging on social media; as Facebook serves a third of the world’s population (over 2bn), your engagement rate may be higher than on other platforms, especially if you correctly target your audience using Facebook Insights. You can increase social media engagement by sharing content such as your business blog posts on Facebook. Links from Facebook back to your website will be indexed and search engine spiders will be able to find your blogs easily because they are shareable.

Increased brand recognition

As The Brand Surgery is all about digital branding, it would be odd not to explain how Facebook increases your brand’s recognition. Brand recognition is all about memory recall of your brand. Even if you don’t think your clients are on Facebook, as mentioned above, nearly one third of the world’s population is, so we guarantee you will have potential clients on Facebook. These potential clients will engage with your business brand if you communicate correctly. When you boost your post on Facebook, Facebook offers you many objectives e.g. page likes, traffic, brand awareness. Facebook will choose people who are more likely to engage with your business in the manner you prefer because they know who engages and who doesn’t. Neat hey? The most important thing is to ensure that when you have your perfect audience directed to your website, that your website design and readability will motivate your perfect prospective client to contact you or purchase from your website and not your competitors.

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