December 5th, 2014    
Please help us to promote this Christmas single to raise money for "Cures for the Big 4" Research campaig

Please help us to promote this Christmas single to raise money for "Cures for the Big 4" Research campaign

The Brand Surgery® is supporting a Christmas single that has been recorded to raise money for research into “Cures for the Big 4” killers that affect so many of us – cancer, diabetes, heart and neuropsychiatric disease including Dementia and Alzheimer’s.

The single is dedicated to the memory of the song’s lyricist and co-writer, Jonny Walker from East Preston in West Sussex – a talented musician and fun loving 21-year-old, whose battle with bowel cancer ended just a few weeks ago.  His premature death, which came before he was able to hear the completed recording, has been a powerful catalyst for all those involved in making the song a reality.

In a matter of weeks the single has been written, recorded, edited and mastered by people from a variety of backgrounds who have generously given of their time and talent. Amongst those performing are the Military Wives, Jonjo Kerr (X-factor 2011) and Vicky Louise (vocals), James Gambold (drums), Alex Hutchings (guitar), Rich O’Brien (bass), Matthew Elston (violin), and a chorus including Jonny’s parents.

Jonny’s voice can be heard in the final section of the song accompanied by his Dad Mac on guitar, taken from an early demo of his ideas.  Although he never heard the final version, it is destined to become his legacy, raising money for causes in which he also passionately believed and which affect us all, not least his own wider family and friends.

The Christmas single can be downloaded at:

Please visit the following links to find out more about this great cause

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November 20th, 2014    
Bus livery design and logo design - The Zone

Bus livery design and logo design - The Zone

Initial project scope for The Zone

Three Stagecoach North East bus routes had been updated with free WiFi and more frequent routes. Stagecoach North East commissioned The Brand Surgery to create an exciting fleet of bus livery for the Teesside area. We were advised that Teesside often gets left out when mentioning the North East, so we developed a ‘Totally Tees’ slogan. The client had already decided she would like to use the Brand name ‘The Zone™’ and wanted to use the word ‘zone’ within different sub-brands. ‘ComfortZone™’ and ‘ZoneOut™’ had already been provided by the client, and we created ‘Ozone™’ and ‘TimeZone™’.


As with all our logo design, branding and business marketing projects, we carried out extensive market research. Who would be using the buses? What message would the customer respond to? The Zone™ would be travelling past various colleges and universities so we opted for a ‘fun and funky’ approach.

Logo design and branding for The Zone

First off, we designed a logo for The Zone™ and as standard practice, we provided a choice for our client to chose from. The Zone conjures up futuristic feeling, however we felt the futuristic fonts were too comlex with the design livery design, so we used ‘Swiss 721 Heavy’, and used our artistic licence to tailor the font to meet the brief. We used the Stagecoach ‘brand’ orange throughout the project to align the buses with the Stagecoach branding.

Branding and product name

We created silhouette elements with a 3D effect to reflect the four sub-brands. For ComfortZone™ we created people doing things that you can’t do, or shouldn’t do, if you are driving such as phoning, listening to music via earphone and reading books. For the TimeZone™ sub-brand we created a silhouette alarm clock, for ZoneOut™ we created a silhouette of someone listening to earphones and for Ozone™ we created a silhouette of hands cupping a planet with some butterflies. We created a glass-3D effect to add depth to the silhouettes.

Bus livery design

Once the concept had been agreed we applied it to the bus templates. As you can see there are many ‘joins’ and ‘unsafe’ areas to avoid on the bus and everything is printed at a huge scale so it is essential to use high resolution or vector images which magnify without losing quality. Photos can also look stunning when enlarged – think about the Sky van livery with cartoon characters. When designing vehicle livery, it is essential to be able to visualise patterns in 3D. The back of the Enviro 300 buses are curved so creating artwork that joins seamlessly on the curves is challenging.

Promotional launch products

We also created Adshel posters and promotional launch products for The Zone™. Promotional products included branded earphones for ZoneOut™, Eyemask for ComfortZone™, Mints for Ozone™, USB sticks for TimeZone™ and screen wipes for all four sub-brands. We also created a pre-launch and post-launch Facebook campaign, plus The Zone website banners for the Stagecoach Teesside website.

Bus livery through to mobile home livery and car graphics

Vehicle advertising works 24 hours a day and after the initial cost of design and print, it is free until the design is changed. The most important thing is to create a stunning visual brand identity. We love vehicle wraps because the only limit is imagination. Vehicle wraps allow your brand to stand out from the rest. If you can’t afford an entire brand wrap, a part wrap as on the Zone is a cost effective alternative.

We also designed the Pulse bus rear livery earlier this year and you can see our other vehicle livery work by clicking here.

Vehicle livery, visual branding and corporate identity services for small, medium and large businesses

As you may have guessed, distance is no problem. We work with all types of businesses throughout the UK and in Canada. If you need a visual brand created for a new product or business, contact The Brand Surgery, Sussex’s No 1 branding agency on 01903 824229 or email

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October 7th, 2014    
Brochure design: Impact Report 2014 for Coastal West Sussex Mind

We have recently designed this brochure style impact report for Coastal West Sussex Mind. In previous years, the impact report was A4 size, however, this year we decided to change it to A5 to make it easier for people to store. Government cuts have also put pressure on charity marketing budgets and the A5 16pp is far more economical than A4. And of course it is more planet friendly! So before you think of resorting to online and completely cutting out printed brochures, perhaps investigate more cost effective printing options – there’s nothing quite like picking up a nice brochure.

This is the first impact report published since the Coastal West Sussex rebrand, which we also worked on, so the theme for this year was the larger Coastal West Sussex area reach. We used photos of iconic landmarks across Coastal West Sussex to represent the merger. We hope you agree that this is an uplifting, bright, modern impact brochure.

If you would like a stunning brochure for your business, charity or not-for-profit organisation, call The Brand Surgery, No. 1 marketing and branding agency in West Sussex on 01903 824229. Don’t forget we have an in-house Chartered Marketer who can advise on brochure content, copywriting and route to market as well as creative design.

The handy-size A5 impact reports are being presented at the Coastal West Sussex Mind Mental Health Day event this Friday.

    Click to launch the full edition in a new window

    Come along to Coastal West Sussex Mind World Mental Health Day event – Friday 10th October 2014
    World Mental – Health Day Event Programme
    • 11.00am –12.30pm Mental health and well-being stalls and activities with light lunch served from 12-00pm
    • 12.30pm –1.30pm Coastal West Sussex Mind AGM and Public Launch
    • 13.30pm –3.00pm Mental health and well-being bitesize workshops including: Mental health awareness, Food and mood, Complementary therapies, Mindfulness

    For those of you on iPhones and iPads that can’t view flash …

    Brochure design - impact report 2014 for Coastal West Sussex Mind

    Brochure design - impact report 2014 for Coastal West Sussex Mind

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    September 12th, 2014    

    Heck Sausages - Small Business Marketing

    Heck Sausages - Small Business Marketing

    We do enjoy watching Alex Polizzi’s, “The Fixer” and this week was no exception. It was all about a family sausage business called Heck. It’s run by Andrew and Debbie Keeble aka Andrew and Debbie’s Sausages.

    Alex advised Heck to upgrade its packaging to include: “who they are, where they’re from, what they do and what they believe in”. Heck Sausages is a family run business. Alex suggested that this fact should be stated on the Heck packaging. This is when it gets interesting …

    Is it better to make your business look larger or smaller?

    In this blog, our Chartered Marketer, Vicky Vaughan, asks the question: Is it better for small businesses to look larger than they are? Or like Heck Sausages, should small businesses promote themselves as a small, family run business?

    Some smaller B2B businesses try to look larger because they think that’s what their customers want. Large is perceived to be less risky to do business with, although this is not always true. My question to small businesses: Have you ever asked your customers what size of company they prefer to do business with? What do your customers perceive to the the advantages or disadvantages of small/large suppliers? Many businesses prefer smaller suppliers because they feel they have more power over them.

    The independent high street deli and “Shopping local” has become fashionable again thanks to our celebrity chefs – we now like to know what is in our food and where it has come from. These delis do well to promote themselves as independent and perhaps as family run, although there is a fine line between looking like a professional business and home-made cottage industry. This is why it is essential to use a professional branding agency to work with your business.

    So the answer?

    I would suggest that it depends on what type product or service your business is selling and how long your business has been established. Would you buy a mobile phone from a brand new husband-and-wife-business-set-up with no track record? Buying a pack of sausages from a family run business is less risky – so long as you can be sure the sausage manufacturer has a good hygiene rating – we will discuss this and accreditations later on. Other businesses that can afford to promote themselves as small or family-run outfits are retailers such as jewellers, hardware stores, pet shops, insurance brokers and car showroom businesses which are part of a franchise.

    Consumers and businesses have one thing in common. They want value and quality from their suppliers. Value may come in the form of customer service, differentiation or price, although research shows that customers are less interested in price these days. Mass marketing is long gone and most people prefer a tailored approach, so developing a marketing strategy is essential so you can gain sustainable competitive advantage no matter what size of business you are.

    Small things come in beautiful packages and that includes businesses. If you are 100% sure you want to promote your business as a small business. Here are some ideas to get you past Go.

    My advice is to think what annoys you most about large corporate companies and do something different.

    Promote your customer care and service

    Do you think that smaller family businesses are perceived to be more caring?  I do. I recently went to The Range to buy a new jubilee band for my BBQ gas hose. Why The Range?  Apparently The Range sells anything worth having including BBQ gadgets. Unfortunately, The Range’s assistant could not assist as he had no product knowledge so I left the store feeling frustrated. I then trundled off to a nearby family-run hardware store – the owner was about to close up shop, but he let us in, was very helpful, he knew everything there is to know about jubilee clips and sold a variety of sizes. I made my purchase and left, smiling.

    If you are a smaller business, get to know your products and everything about them. And train your team to do the same so they can be helpful during customer enquiries – this will give you competitive advantage. If a customer phones you five minutes before or after closing, then speak to them. Chances are that they called somewhere before you and the previous supplier was closed – this is your chance!

    On the subject of phoning. How irritated do you feel when you speak to a computerised telephone system? I would advise against these. On-hold marketing is fine, if you have customers on hold when transferring them to colleagues within your team, however, I wouldn’t want my customer to be holding for more than 10 seconds. Think how refreshing it is to phone and speak to a human straight away. If your business can be efficient without a computerised telephone system, you have a massive advantage.

    Promote your flexibility

    Large corporate companies can’t often break the rules, unless its to their financial advantage of course! Smaller businesses can.  Large corporates are trying to be more flexible and caring – have you noticed that some banks now advertise that computers no longer decide your fate when applying for loans?

    Do the thing that corporates can’t. Bend the rules. If a customer asks for a slight change in your T&Cs, then consider it. You can add extras into a deal to make it more valuable for your customer so they keep coming back to you.

    The importance of accreditations

    Whether you wish to be perceived as a family run business or a larger business, it is important to demonstrate quality. An excellent way to do this is to become accredited in your area of expertise. For example, The Brand Surgery® is a small Chartered Marketing and Design Agency and a member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing. That means that our MD is professionally qualified to be a marketing consultant and has to undergo vigorous training each year in order to stay Chartered.

    There are hundreds of professional organisations for all sorts of industries. Find out if you can join a professional organisation who will help you with training and guide you to gaining accreditations such as ISO 9001.

    Invest in professional branding and marketing

    There are some things that corporates do better – they invest in professional marketing and branding services – that is how they grew big in the first place! It is essential to develop a online and offline marketing strategy so you can keep ahead of emerging trends and the changing needs of your customers – whether they are B2C or B2B. Consumer needs are unpredictable and being prepared will help you adapt to the latest trends and avoid the pitfalls that Woolies suffered. You also need to consider that the mass market is no longer relevant and today, one size no longer fits all, so you must find out who are the profitable customers for your business so you don’t waste precious resources.

    You need to find out and not guess what your customers wants and needs are. Find out where potential customers shop for products now and why. Do they like doing business with smaller businesses or larger organisations? Once you know the needs, your business can begin to develop an effective marketing strategy to align with its target audience.

    It is also important to follow emerging trends. Look at Morrison’s, whose pre-tax profit plummet by just under a third for the six months ended 3rd August 2014. Now anyone looking in Morrison’s will see that they have attempted to recreate a less corporate feel with introducing greengrocer and fishmonger sections in an attempt to let customers think they are shopping at independent local stores, rather than supporting another chain. However, Morrison’s have obviously missed something fundamental in their marketing strategy.

    Once you have obtained the relevant information which will determine whether your corporate image is small business/larger business, then you should invest in professional corporate identity, logo, packaging, brochure and website. Once you have this, you will look professional and can promote the gems that set you apart from large corporates.

    I hope you found this useful. Please do contact us if you would like to know more on the subject. Should you promote yourself as a large or small business? Call The Brand Surgery, Sussex No. 1 Chartered Marketing Consultancy and Design Agency on 01903 824229 or email

    If you would like a marketing strategy developed for your business, the Government is currently giving away £2000 to businesses for business growth on a random basis. Click here to find out more.

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    September 11th, 2014    
    Government Growth Voucher Service Provider Marketing Consultancy

    Government Growth Voucher Service Provider Marketing Consultancy

    The Brand Surgery® is now an official government growth voucher scheme service provider for marketing consultancy. This means that you can get £2000 towards an offline or online marketing, branding or marketing communications strategy developed by our in-house chartered marketing consultant.

    Government Growth Voucher Scheme:
    Are you self-employed or registered as a company?

    The Government has launched the Growth Voucher Scheme which can give you up to £2,000 towards our marketing consultancy services. To find out if you are eligible, answer the following questions:

    • Do you have 249 employees or less?
    • Are you registered in England?
    • Do you actively sell goods or services?
    • Is your business independent?
    • Do you have a turnover of less than €50 million?

    If you can answer yes you are eligible to get strategic marketing advice from The Brand Surgery® for only 50% of the usual investment. Those taking part can access subsidies from £250 up to £2,000 to spend which must be match funded by your own business.

    To find out more about Growth Vouchers, click here.

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    August 20th, 2014    
    Corporate Social Responsibility - Chippingdale Cricket Club

    Corporate Social Responsibility - Chippingdale Cricket Club

    Chippingdale Cricket Club and The Brand Surgery®

    The Brand Surgery® recently enjoyed a fabulous, sunny and incredibly blustery Sunday afternoon presenting trophies it had sponsored at Chippingdale Cricket Club.

    Chippingdale Cricket Club was formed in 1897 by local builder, the late Frank Sandell. Chippingdale Cricket Club currently plays in the West Sussex Invitation Cricket League. The Club is only one of a few in the area which still plays friendly cricket on a Sunday which reinforces that the main reason for playing this wonderful game is for enjoyment and also the social aspect which cricket brings.

    Having been the first cricket club in Worthing to be awarded Clubmark accreditation in April 2007, this proves that the club has a strong desire to develop on all fronts both on and off the field.

    It is wonderful to see children playing sports, and many of the parents we spoke to agreed how important team sports are for children as it not only gets them out in the fresh air, it teaches them team spirit and discipline.

    Corporate Social Responsibility and The Brand Surgery®

    The Brand Surgery® is an ethical design and marketing agency and as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy, we volunteer our time, selected services and in-kind donations for a number of charities and communities in and around Worthing including Durrington High School, Go Youth Activities and Chippingdale Cricket Club.

    Integrating a planned CSR strategy is essential to improve your corporate reputation which will increase your competitive advantage and bring your business healthy, sustainable business growth. Volunteering with community groups is one small part of CSR. Unfortunately, many businesses make the same mistakes when implementing CSR and wonder why their bottom line is decreasing. The Brand Surgery® helps businesses to avoid the common CSR mistakes because we understand how it works. We are qualified to deliver CSR training so call us today on 01903 824229 for more information.

    Exhibition and Flag Banner Design

    Do you like our funky flag banner? It stood up to some very windy conditions on Sunday and looked fabulous. This is a 4m high flag banner. We like designing BIG! Click here to see our exhibition and livery design page. We design bus livery for Stagecoach South and Stagecoach North East. We designed Suzuki GB PLC NEC Bike Show Graphics and also The Flying Wok shop livery in Worthing and Chichester. Call us on 01903 824229 or email if you want some BIG funky graphics to grow your business

    Chippingdale Cricket Club and The Brand Surgery

    Chippingdale Cricket Club and The Brand Surgery

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    August 4th, 2014    

    Paula Rosa Manhattan Kitchen Fitter Jobs

    Paula Rosa Manhattan Kitchen Fitter Jobs – Recruitment campaign

  • Are you an experienced kitchen fitter?
  • Are you self-employed and looking to work with the UK’s fastest growing and best provider of kitchen solutions into the contract market?
  • Our client, Paula Rosa Manhattan has been established for over 60 years. It holds a number of prestigious accreditations including the Royal Warrant which demonstrates its commitment to providing the highest level of quality in products and service.

    Paula Rosa Manhattan is looking for experienced self employed kitchen fitters to work on new house build sites across the country. You are expected to have a CSCS Card, UTR and Public Liability Insurance, own transport and tools.

    You must also be independent, energetic, a good communicator, a problem solver, safety conscious and have an eye for detail.

    In return for providing these qualities, you will benefit from the continuity of working with the top UK house builders. You will be accreditation-trained and we will provide you with full corporate workwear. There are also career opportunities for you who may wish to progress to management.

    Think you’ve got what it takes? Please call David Hedges on 01903 524300.

    Join Paula Rosa Manhattan on its mission to deliver creativity, value and excellence in living spaces for UK homes.

    Attract talent with effective recruitment advertising campaigns

    Don’t leave your recruitment campaign to chance. Recruiting suitable staff is key to the success of your company – whatever level of the hierarchy your vacant position falls within. You need staff with values who will enhance your business.

    Recruitment advertising is a science. Do you advertise on social media, in the press, on leaflets, on your vehicle livery or on the radio? How do you know which avertising medium will work best? Don’t make the mistake that many businesses make and waste your marketing and recruitment budget on a scattergun approach.

    Our Chartered Marketer expertise will ensure that your recruitment adverts will generate a response from the right kind of candidate because we will work with you to create a recruitment advertising strategy. Only when this is agreed will we get to work designing and writing an advert that will engage with your audience, generating worthwhile candidate responses.

    Call Vicky Vaughan, Chartered Marketer and Managing Director of Sussex’s No. 1 branding agency, The Brand Surgery, on 01903 824229 to chat about your recruitment advertising campaign.

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    July 8th, 2014    
    Vicky Vaughan - Marketing Course Worthing College

    Entry level marketing course - Worthing College: Market your way to success

    Part time evening Marketing Course worth 14 Continuous Professional Development (CPD) hours.

    If you have always wondered how marketing works or if you want to create a professional marketing plan for business growth – then this ten week course which takes place at Worthing College is for you.

    The course has been created for business owners, people looking at setting up a business and for those who are considering a career in the exciting world of marketing. The 10 week course is run by Vicky Vaughan, DipM MCIM, a Chartered Marketer who has run an award-winning creative design and marketing agency for eleven years. Vicky has 24 years of combined design and marketing expertise which is a powerful combination.

    Vicky will take you through the fundamentals of marketing including marketing planning and brand development. By the end of the ten week course you will have created an impressive marketing plan which will help you grow your business and make the right marketing decisions, avoiding the most common marketing mistakes.

    Vicky will also be running an intermediate marketing course in 2015 which will cover some of the elements from the entry level course in more detail – including how to increase your competitive advantage in a crowded market place.

    The course starts on Tuesday 16th September 2014, 6.30-8.30pm and lasts for ten weeks. The course costs only £120 and you will receive a certificate of attendance at the end.

    If you would like any marketing advice in the meantime, please call Vicky Vaughan at The Brand Surgery, Sussex’s No. 1 branding agency on 07909 693172.

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    May 9th, 2014    
    Stagecoach South - Pulse Bus livery design

    Stagecoach South - Vehicle graphic design / rebrand / livery refresh

    Vehicle graphic design / rebrand / livery refresh

    We recently created the concept and executed the graphics for this bus livery which you may have seen on a road near you over the last few weeks. Our brief was to refresh the Pulse bus rears, while matching the existing Pulse branding on the sides of the buses.

    For this project we applied our Chartered Marketer expertise and focused on the benefits of bus travel over driving. Customers who travel by bus can enjoy a variety of activities such playing pocket computer games, reading a book, writing a book, phoning friends, snoozing, online shopping and much more. Customers can also save money when travelling by bus, especially if they purchase Megarider tickets. We created awards for Stagecoach customers including the Mr Multi-tasker Award, Star Shopper Award, Smart Saint Award, Smart Saver Award and the Smart Commuter Award. These awards can be converted into marketing campaigns at a later date.

    Once the livery concepts had been approved, we set to work converting the ideas to graphics taking care to avoid non-printing areas. A great deal of technical knowledge is required for creating bus livery graphics, as well as professional marketing expertise. You may remember we also designed the Coastliner 700 bus graphics for Stagecoach South four years ago.

    Vehicle livery – the essential tool for advertising and branding

    Vehicle livery is one of the best ways to get your business noticed 24 hours a day and is relatively inexpensive. Vehicle wrapping and vehicle graphics are excellent for business branding and advertising – our professional design services will ensure your brand is remembered for the right reasons. Even when you are off work relaxing, your vehicle graphics will be working hard promoting your business to thousands of potential customers across a wide audience of consumers.

    Call The Brand Surgery, No. 1 branding agency in Worthing, West Sussex on 01903 824229 for a no obligation chat about business branding and vehicle livery.

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    March 21st, 2014    
    Worthing and Adur Chamber Business Showcase

    Worthing and Adur Chamber Business Showcase

    Yesterday, The Brand Surgery® exhibited at the Adur and Worthing Chamber Business Showcase and wowed visitors with its branding, corporate identity and marketing expertise.

    Brand management and marketing consultancy

    Many visitors stopped by our stand for free brand management and marketing consultancy advice – everything from event launch marketing through to business branding for new businesses.

    Paula Rosa Manhattan at the Business Showcase 2014

    The Brand Surgery also looked after the Paula Rosa Manhattan stand – we are excellent at multi-tasking! We received a visit from the Mayor of Worthing, Bob Smytherman (see photo above by John Young), and we had fun chatting to him. There was lots of interest in the Paula Rosa Manhattan stand as this is one of the first times the company has exhibited since its merger.

    Well done Worthing College – our prize draw winners!

    Thank you to everyone who entered our prize draw. Anne Pithie of Worthing College is the lucky winner! The prize includes two hours design, print and delivery of a pull-up banner just like the one in the photo above (photo by Maria Scard). We look forward to hearing from you soon Anne. Thank you Sharon Clarke for the use of the Worthing Town Centre Initiative bucket and spade!

    Choose The Brand Surgery for winning exhibition banner design

    Exhibitions are a really good excuse to promote your business brochures and branding. How old is your business banner? Chances are it could be curling round the edges which doesn’t create a good impression. The Brand Surgery has an excellent signage and livery portfolio which you can view by clicking here.

    Call us today on 01903 824229 or email

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