March 21st, 2014    
Worthing and Adur Chamber Business Showcase

Worthing and Adur Chamber Business Showcase

Yesterday, The Brand Surgery® exhibited at the Adur and Worthing Chamber Business Showcase and wowed visitors with its branding, corporate identity and marketing expertise.

Brand management and marketing consultancy

Many visitors stopped by our stand for free brand management and marketing consultancy advice – everything from event launch marketing through to business branding for new businesses.

Paula Rosa Manhattan at the Business Showcase 2014

The Brand Surgery also looked after the Paula Rosa Manhattan stand – we are excellent at multi-tasking! We received a visit from the Mayor of Worthing, Bob Smytherman (see photo above by John Young), and we had fun chatting to him. There was lots of interest in the Paula Rosa Manhattan stand as this is one of the first times the company has exhibited since its merger.

Well done Worthing College – our prize draw winners!

Thank you to everyone who entered our prize draw. Anne Pithie of Worthing College is the lucky winner! The prize includes two hours design, print and delivery of a pull-up banner just like the one in the photo above (photo by Maria Scard). We look forward to hearing from you soon Anne. Thank you Sharon Clarke for the use of the Worthing Town Centre Initiative bucket and spade!

Choose The Brand Surgery for winning exhibition banner design

Exhibitions are a really good excuse to promote your business brochures and branding. How old is your business banner? Chances are it could be curling round the edges which doesn’t create a good impression. The Brand Surgery has an excellent signage and livery portfolio which you can view by clicking here.

Call us today on 01903 824229 or email

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March 10th, 2014    

The Defamation Act 2013 came into force on 1st January 2014 and it states that:

  1. A statement is not defamatory unless its publication has caused or is likely to cause serious harm to the reputation of the claimant.
  2. For the purposes of this section, harm to the reputation of a body that trades for profit is not “serious harm” unless it has caused or is likely to cause the body serious financial loss.

So what does this mean for small businesses?

It means that unless you can prove that defamation has caused you serious financial harm, you will unlikely be able to claim. It also means that defamation court cases will be be less expensive than in the past because a jury is not required to pass judgement so court cases will be faster.

So does that mean there will be more or less defamation claims?

We believe there will be more claims because they will be less expensive. People may be tempted to take online and offline “freedom of speech” risks believing they are protected. Therefore, some businesses may be at an increased risk of damage to their corporate reputation. It is more important than ever for businesses of all sizes to keep accurate financial records.

How the Defamation Act 2013 affects business marketing

The Defamation Act 2013 is good news for website owners because from now on they will not be liable for defamatory remarks posted by external users or where the author of the defamatory remark is sufficiently identifiable. Also the Act dictates that the complainant must make contact with the author before going to court, so hopefully some cases will be settled before going to court.

So does the Act mean it is safe to allow comments on your business blog or social media page from now on?

We would advise that third party postings be closely monitored so you can act swiftly if a defamatory comment is posted – we know too well the power of social media. To find out more about how the Defamation Act will affect your website, click here.

There are many arguments for and against The Defamation Act 2013. Some believe that it gives more protection to the media. There is no doubt that corporate reputation is the key to business success, and reputations can be destroyed overnight. The good news is that The Brand Surgery can help you to build your corporate reputation reserves, which will protect your business in the event of an act of defamation. Call us on 01903 824229 to find out more.

Vicky Vaughan, Managing Director of The Brand Surgery continues with her Professional Development which keeps up-to-date with the laws affecting marketing your business.

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March 10th, 2014    

Prankvertising is when a brand uses a prank for its marketing on unsuspecting consumers: the trend seems to be to scare and shock people. Take a look at LG’s prankvert below – it was uploaded on 2nd September 2013 and has achieved nearly 16 million views on YouTube. Personally, we think the LG prankvert is unethical given the constant threat of terrorist activities. If you are on an iPad and can view flash, click here to see the LG prankvert.

Click here to see another example: This Belgian bank’s prankvert warns against identity theft. There are plenty more examples here which appear  to use the scare factor.

What is your view on prankvertising?

Do you think it is marketing gone one step too far or do you think it is a good idea? The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) advertising codes state that ads must not cause fear or distress without justifiable reason; if it can be justified, the fear or distress should not be excessive and marketers must not use a shocking claim or image merely to attract attention.

All businesses who advertise must comply with the ASA guidelines. If you do not comply, you may be subject to fines, legal action and also be named and shamed on the ASA list of non-compliant companies. There are a special set of rules for non-broadcast advertising and you can read them by clicking here.

Anyone can make a complaint to the ASA about any UK based advert – this includes paid-for spaces in newspapers (both national and regional), magazine advertising including reciprocal arrangements and advertorials.

Book your ASA compliant ad campaign design today

The Brand Surgery prides itself in creating positive feelings and trust with our clients’ brand advertising. If you would like an ASA compliant advert designed for your business, call us on 01903 824229 TODAY or email

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March 6th, 2014    
Website design by The Brand Surgery

Website design and website refresher service from The Brand Surgery

We have recently refreshed the Lancing Business Park website. This membership website has complex functionality currently hosted by a third party provider, and the client wanted to stick with what they knew and we don’t blame them! Our web developer checked out the membership provider credentials to ensure we could work with them and bingo! We were on the way. The above screen grabs (click on image to enlarge) demonstrate how creative we can be even when faced with fixed column widths and mastheads.

We also designed and published the Lancing BID brochure (Business Improvement District), which complimented Lancing Business Park’s current branding, so the client wanted to retain the look and feel of the BID document which you can download from the website. We have added a strong, green background to the website and added some graphic elements from the BID brochure. The large image on the website has been coded as an animated / rotating graphic so we hope this will be in action once we receive the Business Park photos.

We think the new website looks much punchier and modern, and is still easy to navigate. If your business is on a tight budget, then a website refresher is ideal because you don’t have to pay for more copywriting. If you have already invested heavily in SEO, we can simply update the website design so your page rankings are not affected. And if you have tried-and-tested website functionality you don’t want to lose, a website refresh will help you achieve this.

Call The Brand Surgery, No 1 branding and website design agency on 01903 824229 or email

Think brand. Think success.

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February 24th, 2014    

The Brand Surgery Spring Saver Offer

If you have trouble viewing this prezi, please click here.

We have also created a YouTube movie of the presentation which you can see by clicking here.

Logo design offer: Let us give your logo some loving!

• From only £495 until 1st April 2014 – we will design six logos for you to choose from.
• After 1st April our price entry fee is £595.
• Standard terms and conditions apply – ask us to send you a copy.

Perfect pull-up banners for ultimate promotion from only £165* including award-winning design

• Call us today on 01903 824229 to discuss your event promotion needs.
• Only five working days turnaround.*Design and print from £165 until 1st April 2014.
• Price entry fee after 1st April is £250. Terms and conditions apply.

Brochure design offer: Brochures to brag about from only £39* per page

• You’d be an April fool not to seize this amazing opportunity.
• Brochure design offer until 1st April 2014.
• After 1st April, price entry is £55 per page. Terms and conditions apply.

Livery and signage design: Sizzling signage and livery offer

• Perfect for retail, restaurants, buses, taxis, vans and car livery design from only £165*
• Post graduate degree level marketing expertise in-house.
• Signage and livery design offer until 1st April 2014. After 1st April, price entry fee is £250. Terms and conditions apply.

Website design offer: We’re wild about website design

• Free 30 minute website marketing consultation plus free hosting for one year.
• We work with all kinds of businesses and organisations.
• Website offer valid until 1st April 2014. Terms and conditions apply.

Presentation design offer: For ultimate sales growth

• Presentation design offer: For ultimate sales growth
• We can create great looking presentations like this for your business!
• Price starts from only £250
• Don’t delay – Call TODAY!
• Presentation offer valid until 1st April 2014. After 1st April, price entry fee is £350. Terms and conditions apply.

Call The Brand Surgery, No. 1 branding agency in West Sussex with in-house Chartered Marketer on 01903 824229 to take advantage of these offers. Spring into Action!

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February 6th, 2014    

Social media is not magic trick and it will not instantly win your organisation more business. Like any communication tool, it is best to hire a professional marketing agency to create the right brand image, tone and message to engage your potential customers. I have recently read two stories which highlight the positive and negative effects of social media.

WONDER STORY: #FindMike (Guardian, Friday 31st January)

Jonny Benjamin tried to take his own life six years ago by attempting to jump off the edge of London’s Waterloo Bridge after having been diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder. Luckily a stranger talked him out of it. Six years later Jonny, in a better place, felt compelled to find the stranger and thank him for saving his life. So Jonny launched his story via social media with the help of Rethink Mental Illness. #FindMike trended on Twitter in UK, Canada, South Africa and Australia. Eventually Neil Laybourn aka #FindMike, came forward after his girlfriend had recognised the appeal on Facebook. Jonny and Neil met and described the meeting as ‘incredible’ and are hoping to keep in touch. You can hear this amazing story in full by clicking here.

BLUNDER STORY: Younger people most at risk as eating disorder cases rise by 8%

Social media’s obsession with image partly blamed (Guardian, Friday 31st January)
Hospitals are treating an increased number of young people with eating disorders. Social pressures including bullying, relationships and social media are all to blame: photos of celebrities with perfect bodies and people who post photos of themselves in various poses hoping to get as many ‘likes’ as possible is putting pressure on young people to conform with the ‘perfection’ trend. Sue Minto, head of ChildLine, said: “24/7 nature of social media places huge pressures on children and young people which in turn can lead to significant emotional issues”.

Five Top Tips for wonderful Social Media campaigns
  1. Both the stories above made the national press because the emotional message is huge – be it positive or negative. Both are stories with happy and sad endings. When you want to promote an event, product or service, you need to get back to marketing basics. People buy with emotions – so what would motivate people to come to your event? Is there a story?
  2. Social media is ’social’, so when I see posts from people constantly advertising their services and events on Facebook I block them. The Brand Surgery only posts offers once per month. Generally we post stories that engage readers, for example the #findmike story above, or case studies of business successes.
  3. Who do you want to reach? You may need to consider that an online marketing campaign may not be effective on its own, especially if technophobes are in your segment. Remember that some corporates don’t allow staff to have social media access. Think about who you are trying to target. A social media campaign may need to run alongside offline marketing communications (direct sales/promotions) so your budget would have to allow for this. If the correct background work is done (see below) then your return on investment will be high.
  4. What is your marketing objective? Plan your online marketing campaign with precision. Failing to prepare is preparing to fail. Social media is instant, and if you don’t plan, you may post something without thinking. Once it is posted – it is alive forever.
  5. Time your posts so they appear when your audience will have time and want to read them.  Social media management platforms such as Hootsuite and Socialoomph will help with scheduling your timing which helps you to avoid gaps when you go on holiday.

Before you start merrily tweeting, research the language that appeals to your target audience. Why should they go to your event or buy your product/service? Whats in it for them? Each person has their own agenda. Create tailored marketing messages which will engage with these prospective clients or attendees at your event.

Call The Brand surgery, No. 1 design and marketing agency in Worthing, Sussex to find out more about our social media campaigns. Call 01903 824229 or email

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February 5th, 2014    

We have recently designed a new logo design and corporate identity for Praxis, a Leadership and Change Management Consultancy which works with local and central Government. The Brand Surgery has ten years experience of working within the local government sector at both an officer and member level so understands the challenges.

Like all of our logo design projects, as well as following the normal logo design rules, we work hard to ensure there is a ’story’ or ‘reason’ incorporated into the logo design. The definition of praxis is ‘the practice and practical side of a profession or field of study, as opposed to the theory’. Our client has a PhD in behavioural research and he puts his theory into practice when he consults. Studying ‘eye’ reactions is a huge part of his work so we have incorporated this into the design.

Strict rules of logo design are:
  1. Logos must be simple and versatile so that they can be recognised when reduced in size. Remember you may want to give out promotional pens with your logo on the side. Also magazine and newspaper printing make it harder to read logos, so logos must work when printed in black and reversed out of a solid block of colour.
  2. Logos must be memorable and be able to create a positive image in the minds of your client.
  3. Logos must be timeless so they don’t date too quickly! Our logos for Casa Ciro Italian Restaurant in Worthing and Worthing Town Centre Initiative were created eight years ago and still look fresh.
  4. Logos must be relevant to your business. A school should have a very different look to a firm of accountants.

Colour psychology plays in important role – click here to see our short presentation on colour psychology.

It is also very important to protect your logo – the safest way is to register it with the Intellectual Property Office. Click here to find out out to protect your logo.

We are currently working on the Praxis website copy and design and look forward to showing you these in due course.

The Brand Surgery is qualified to give you professional marketing advice on corporate identity and logo design and is the only marketing agency with an in-house Chartered Marketer in Worthing. If you would like a business logo guaranteed to stay fresh for years, call The Brand Surgery, the number 1 Design and Marketing Agency in Sussex on 01903 824229 today.

corporate identity and logo design for Praxis Leadership Management

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December 14th, 2013    

Happy Christmas! We’ve been working hard training on some amazing presentation software called Prezi. Take a look at our Christmas example below. You may be prompted to download the FREE Prezi app before you can see it. If you don’t have time to download Prezi – we’ve shared it on YouTube and you can see it by clicking here.

40% off prezi presentation design during January 2013.

You can benefit from this limited offer if you book before 5pm Friday 20th December 2013.

A booking fee of £75 is required and will be deducted from your presentation invoice.

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November 22nd, 2013    

The Brand Surgery is qualified to train businesses in the strategic use of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Our CSR strategies have been proven to improve corporate reputation and competitive advantage which in turn will grow your business.

This short Prezi has been designed by The Brand Surgery, branding agency in West Sussex. If you would like a Prezi presentation like this, call Vicky on 01903 824229 or email

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November 19th, 2013    


Recently I received an enquiry from a company who we will name “CHP” for this blog: “How would The Brand Surgery, with limited budget, work to get new corporate hospitality events into the market and increase the number of hits to CHP’s website as there are not currently enough. We send emails to our own database and do a bit of pay per click. Certainly not enough social media is done though. And what could The Brand Surgery realistically could achieve?”

This is a common question and our response is that online marketing is not a magic wand. It requires the same amount of strategic planning as an offline marketing campaign.

Understand your customers’ objectives

Before you start posting, tweeting and getting carried away, you need to understand your customers, decide what they want to hear and how and when they want to hear it!

  • Why should companies choose to go to your corporate hospitality events? At a time when businesses are squeezing every last drop out of their budgets, what would your events do for them? What objectives will your events meet?
  • Do all customers have the same needs or would they go for different reasons? Think about Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.
  • Are prospective clients allowed to access social media sites at work? Do they enjoy using social media?
  • Are your HTML emails getting through customer’s servers?
  • ggg

    Then create a message for success

    Social media (Twitter, Facebook, Linked In), SEO, websites and e-marketing are simply mediums for getting messages out there – hopefully louder and more effective than all the other messages. How you deliver a sense-making and appealing message requires the strategic thinking so you don’t damage your corporate reputation.

    A little research revealed that half the audience for the corporate hospitality event project were being excluded because many corporate IT servers don’t allow HTML emails through/and company leader’s don’t allow staff to have social media access. A social media campaign of this type would be best complemented by an offline marketing communications (direct sales/promotions) so a budget would need to allow for this. If the correct background work is done (see below) then return on marketing investment (ROMI) will be high.

    Is online or offline marketing more effective?

    Online and offline marketing are both effective if used correctly. It is all about the right way to get to your audience and we all have different preferences. If you want sales then understand your customer.

    The Brand Surgery has all the online marketing and offline marketing expertise required to create the appropriate message for your chosen audience.

    Call Vicky Vaughan, Chartered Marketer for a confidential, free chat today on 01903 824229 or email at

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