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Hello. We design logos and corporate identity with one aim in mind. Brand trust which leads to business growth.

We achieve this by FIRST researching your business, your market and your customers. We have in-house Chartered Marketer expertise which means we understand how to design your visual branding to engage your perfect customer. Only when we have gained essential insights, do we go to the drawing board and design a minimum of six stunning logo for you and your team to chose from.

We then present your chosen logo design on a selection of the most useful digital or offline marketing collateral for you. This may include website home page, business cards, brochure covers or vehicle livery.

We provide three essential brand development services for sustained brand growth.

Please call us on 01903 824229 to discuss these in more detail.

Logo design

We design logos for all kinds of organisations – national retailers including workwear and kitchens, charities, restaurants, the travel industry, schools, the motor trade, the third sector including credit unions and town centre management.

A logo is just a small part of branding – it is your visual identity and everything your organisation sends out should align with the logo design. It is important to get this part right – we have the tools and professional expertise in house to future proof your logo. Many of our client’s logo designs are over ten years old and going strong because we did the necessary market research.

Don’t confuse your customers. Make sure your logo reflects your success.

Corporate identity

Once your logo has been designed, we will apply it to your website design, brochure design, social media accounts, vehicle livery … the list is endless. There is nothing we hate more than to see a beautiful logo literally ‘plonked’ onto a brochure or website.

Everything in your business needs to be consistently beautiful! Everything must align seamlessly. For that reason we recommend that all businesses have a corporate identity guideline brochure, so even if you want to save a few pennies in the future, you can hand the guide to anyone who will be able to follow this guideline and design beautiful adverts, keeping to your tone, theme, fonts and colours without us even being there.

Brand development

Contrary to popular belief, branding is much more than logo design. It starts from the inside. If you already have an established brand and you are thinking of a brand refresh, then it is important to obtain ‘buy-in’ from your staff. Ask yourself why you are having a rebrand? Are you diversifying? Entering a new market? Or has your existing visual identity become a little stale?

It is essential not to confuse your target market by rebranding. It needs to reflect success. We have a Chartered Marketer in-house who will ensure your visual branding will reflect success and generate positive engagement from the right kind of customers. 

Brand development testimonial

“The Brand Surgery revamped and relaunched our ‘night rider unlimited evening travel for £2′ brand across the Coastliner route in East and West Sussex. Vicky designed the visual branding which included marketingleaflets and bus livery. She then carefully planned two launch events within record time in both Worthing and Brighton, carefully selecting the guest list, venue and itinerary for maximum positive impact. We’re delighted with the quality and organisation of both launches, the visual branding, the pre and post launch marketing. 

Our directors are extremely busy so it is essential that we have a company like The Brand Surgery which we can 100% trust to get on with the job with minimum input from us, keeping to budget and deadlines. I am happy to recommend The Brand Surgery for their brand development and launch event services.”

Mike Watson, Regional Director, Stagecoach South